Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Go Away, Dust! Go Away!

So we have been sleeping Japanese style a.k.a. "sleeping on the floor" for some time now and with the changing of the seasons comes more dust. I also don't have enough time to vacuum the entire house clean so that it is the hubby who suffers the most. He has dust allergy you know and just a small speck of dust will send him sneezing and a multitude of other reactions will follow - coughing, runny nose, asthma attacks. We would sometimes even joke about it, that he could change careers and become a "sanitary inspector" instead, as he could so easily detect if a room is clean or not.

So anyway, since I don't have much time in my hands, I cannot vacuum as frequently as I want. I can only do so when I am not busy with other household chores. Talking about vacuuming, I remember that I still need to order extra dust bags as our current one is almost full. I will just order it online since it is faster and more convenient that way.

Now I am off to cleaning the house. I have a class in less than three hours so I have to do it fast. Have a good day everyone!

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