Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Windmills of Zaanse Schans: Paltrok Mill

The Crowned Poelenburg or in Dutch, "De Gekroonde Poelenburg" is just among the half a dozen windmills that you will see when you visit Zaanse Schans, about 9 miles from Amsterdam.

This paltrok or post mill is almost the last of the 200 sawmills that could be found in the Zaanstreek. Paltrok mills are distinctively different to other windmill types. They have a three-sided open work floor, often a dark fa├žade and to turn the sails into the wind the whole body of the mill is rotated with the aid of a great ring of rollers built on a brick base. Other mills have a stationary body and only the cap rotates to turn the sails.

It was built in 1869 in Koog aan de Zaan to replace a similar mill that was destroyed to make room for the Amsterdam – Alkmaar railway line. In 1904 it was moved to Zaandam to replace another mill that had burned down and in 1963 was dismantled and moved again to its present location, the Zaanse Schans.

Information Source: http://www.zaanseschans.nl/


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riablahgs said...

I love to see those windmills one of these days. May flight na kami sa Amsterdam come May kaya, ipon-ipon na ulit for another European get-away.

Nga pala, I have been slacking on the "pressies" for you and little Sam. Sabihan mo lng ako klung lilipat ulit kayo...hehehe.

Also, yung U-printing na yun, what's that all about? Help!!!!

Ria C
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Ryan said...

I visited Amsterdam in 2003 and the windmills were beautiful, I'd like to buy one and convert it and move in. Or would that be silly?

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