Thursday, April 22, 2010

Famous Soap Stars Living In The Philly Area

Did you know that many of the now famous Hollywood stars came from Philadelphia? Residents of the Philly apartments have invaded movies and television from many years. Some of the most famous stars like Maria Bello, David Boreanaz and many other TV actors and actresses have their roots in the city of Philadelphia.

As for soap stars, there is one prominent name that stands out among all the famous celebrities who lived in Philadelphia since their early years. Her name is Lisa Peluso.

This immensely talented woman started her career at the age of nine. She starred in a Broadway play entitled ‘Gypsy’ with Angela Lansbury. She later blossomed into a famous TV actress and appeared on a lot of soap operas like:

• Loving
• One life to live
• Another world
• As the world turns
• Search for tomorrow

Her most famous character was that of Ava in ‘Loving’, which ran for about eight years from 1988 to 1995. After Loving, she appeared in many soap operas as a guest star. Despite her age, her acting prowess is still the best.

She also did some Broadway plays and movies. The actress starred in Saturday Night Fever opposite then budding actor John Travolta.

Personal Information
Lisa Peluso was born on July 29, 1964 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She is the daughter of Mary Peluso.

Later Career
She had appeared on many TV shows aside from her soap operas. She guest starred in ‘Designing Women’ along with Delta Burke and the entire cast of the series.

This just goes to show how talented actors from Philly are. You can always see them on TV and movies. As they say, you can never put a good man down. If you have the talent, you will always be remembered for years to come.


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