Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Couch Potatoes... That's What We Are

Hubby and I enjoy watching movies together... Watching movies is one of the activities that we look forward to especially on weekends. But because we have a small child with us now, our movie watching activity is restricted at home.

It doesn't matter what genre, as long as the story and the actors are good, we are fine with it. He tries not to watch the Philippine romantic comedies or romantic movies though because he just finds them too corny. But when he catches me watching one of my downloaded Pinoy movies, he can't help but watch with me. Perhaps, the story intrigued him too and because I'm very good at narrating details, he has no choice but to watch so he could relate and understand what's happening. I try to watch Pinoy movies every now and then, especially if it's a new movie, much talked about and JLC (John Lloyd Cruz) is in it. Why? Because he sort of looks like my hubby when I saw him in person at the mall way back in college. Hihi! Besides, his movies are nice... he has matured from the young Rovic in Tabing Ilog and played his roles quite convincingly.

When we watch movies, it is always in our "office" because we don't have a DVD player yet until last weekend. He would usually be the one who gets to watch first, considering that I have a little one to attend to. If the movie is appropriate for a small child, we would let her join us in the room. Otherwise, we would have to distract her with her favorite cartoon in the living room or I send her first to sleep, which leaves Hubby watching the early parts of the movie alone and me asking so many questions once I join him.

We usually watch movies over the weekend or workday evenings when our rented DVD arrive by mail. And now that we have a BD-DVD player, I would find myself watching my favorite children's movies with Samantha and neglecting majority of my online tasks. Which also explains why this entry is awfully LATE!

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AC said...

haha!!! JLC ba? oo nga, galing nya... but I don't like him much as a person... as an actor lang talaga... Tabing Ilog... Oh My! I am from Laguna and Tabing Ilog's shooting was in Pagsanjan... I always sneak out of school just to watch the shooting.. wahaha!!!

Mommy Liz said...

HI Marce, pasensiya ka na at late ang aking dalaw sa yong entry. Hay, nag busy ako last week para sa preparation ng birthday at may mga visitors kami last weekend. Hay!

Anyways, naku dito din sa bahay kapag minsan at manonood kami ng movie, we make sure na tulog na mga bata, kasi from time to time eh sumisingit ng punta dito sa room namin. Kpag OK lang ang mga movies, we let them, eh normally ang mga movies na napapanood namin di pwede sa mga bata. Si gubby naman, di mag start ng movie ga't di ako present, ayaw sigurong mag explain ng nangyari sa beginning, hehehehe..

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