Friday, April 9, 2010

Happy Easter All!

I never really got around to formally greeting everyone a HAPPY EASTER. I know it is a bit late but Happy Easter just the same! It's bad enough that I lost the SD card that contains the photos of my beloved family's adventures in Keukenhof, the biggest and most popular spring garden in the Netherlands. It was worse still that we didn't get to hear mass on Easter Sunday. But the message that Easter brings is very much alive in my heart, thanks to the Pabasa that we attended last Holy Thursday and Good Friday.

I just hope that you got to reflect and contemplate about your life and was able to make resolutions for a new beginning. After all, Easter is the day of Christ's rising from the dead... and it is a much awaited time in the Catholic tradition, much more than Christmas because it is the day when we are all saved from death and were saved. And did you also know that it is during Easter that the Catholic calendar year changes. Yes, it is a Happy New Year indeed!

As for me, I have got some resolutions cooked up. I just hope that I will be able to follow my resolutions religiously to attain my "ambitious" goals.

Again, Happy Easter to everyone! Blessing

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