Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Those Confusing Long Lines

I always enjoy going places... I always find learning about a place's heritage and history interesting and so whenever I see a window of opportunity, most often than not, I try to grab them. But what I cannot bear is the crowd... so I try to avoid the "unorganized" entrances and the possibility of getting lost in the rush of people by looking for those crowd control gadgets. I feel safe whenever I see them. Because they spell organization and efficiency.

What are crowd control gadgets? These are something that you see everyday in places where crowds are most likely... in banks, in airports, in concerts, in movie theaters, in hotels, in museums and conventions, in government civil service offices, even at the supermarket especially if you need an orderly line. They help a lot in maintaining order and prevent confusion, quarrels and delays too. They also help in leading you to the right direction and help in the traffic of people.

One of the most widely used are the stanchions, these utilize swag ropes to create a queuing line. There is also the velvet rope variety for the more formal events like conventions and congresses and in museums and galleries. Because these are removable, they are very flexible and easy to move around to fit the need of the moment. And if you want to temporarily close a portion of the office, or airport or a hallway, one will find barricades in place. These keep people from entering unauthorized areas or newly cleaned and wet floors, or even areas that are under repair.

Don't these gadgets just work for us? I just find them really useful... and very practical too.

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