Tuesday, April 20, 2010

TCP#35: Coyote Ugly

Oh my God! I totally made a mistake and thought today was a Monday, thus this post coming in way too late! Blame it on me not having a desk calendar and not utilizing the scheduled post feature on Blogger! I am so totally SORRY! I know, I have been late in posting my TCP entries in the last three weeks. I am such a BAD host!

But anyway, welcome to the April 20th edition of Tuesday Couch Potatoes where we post about a movie each week. This week, we will feature Year 2000 Movies. It may be of any genre, as long as it was officially released in the Year 2000, a very significant year because it is the second millennium, the turn of another century and ushered in a lot of changes.

My pick for this week: Coyote Ugly. Released on the wide screen in August 2000 by Touchstone Pictures and directed by David McNally and produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, this movie is your typical "American Dream" movie. It is about Violet Sanford who left her small hometown, father and friends to pursue her dreams of becoming a songwriter in New York City. When she arrives New York City, she was unsuccessful in trying to get her demo tapes noticed. Running out of money, she was able to convince Lil, the bar owner of "Coyote Ugly", to hire her. She then had to learn to ropes of singing, dancing and performing wild acts before a rowdy crowd. She finally landed on a deal after a successful performance at an open night mic at the Bowery Ballroom, a music venue in the Bowery section of New York City.

I love the script of this movie.. and of course the crazy dance moves and the songs.

Do you know why it's called Coyote Ugly in the first place? The slang term refers to the feeling of waking up after a one-night stand, and discovering that your arm is underneath someone who is so physically repulsive that you would gladly gnaw it off without waking the person just so you can get away without being discovered. Coyotes are known to gnaw off limbs if they are stuck in a trap in order to facilitate escape.

Here's a trailer if you still haven't seen this one:

And of course, the wonderful MckLinky to enter your TCP entry's link on:

Thank you for joining us on TCP this week! For next Tuesday, April 27, our theme will be Summer Fun. If you have suggestions for TCP themes, they are gladly accepted!

Have a Happy TCP Couchers! Thank you for joining us this week. Take care you all!


Seiko said...

Hadn't seen this one before yet.Mukhang maganda mare.Try kong idownload para mapanood din namin :D

☆Mama Ko☆ said...

Hi Kikamz mine is already up. I forgot this one. This was one of the great movies I watched in 2000. I love the themesong from Leanne rimes and Piper perabo did a great job in the film. I love this one until i am still watching it countless of times. 2000 pala ito ano. great pick kikamz.

kimmy said...

i've seen this one. i liked it, the plot, the moves and even the theme song 'can't fight the moonlight', nice post!

The Movie Mommy said...

It's been a long time since I have posted my TCP entry. I am so glad I am back!

Chris said...

i loved this movie... i think i watched it more than once! :D

Mommy Liz said...

I think I have seen part of this, di ko lang ma sure if I seen the whole movie. di ko yata na tapos.

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