Thursday, April 8, 2010

Favorite Hang Out Places

Well, you can now officially call me Mrs. T... T for Tardy. I should have been posting my CC entries on a Wednesday but I guess my brain is conditioned to blog on Thursdays so Thursday it is!

When Hubby and I were still going out as a couple, we promised ourselves that we will still go on dates as married couple and not restrict ourselves in the comfort of our home. But I guess if there is only the three of you in a foreign land, you need to change your priorities and even preferences. We still do go out on dates but with a small kid in tow. We can't just leave her alone at home, you know! That would be too irresponsible of us.

The water fountain in Breuningerland, Ludwigsburg.

The place that we frequent is Breuningerland. It is a shopping mall in Ludwigsburg, a 15-minute drive from our place. We have dinner here Thursdays especially if I am too lazy to cook and eat German or Chinese or seafoods, depending on our mood. We love this place because it has free parking, a water fountain that relaxes and never fails to entertain Samantha, and there's also a day care facility where parents can leave their kids while they are shopping. We haven't tried this service yet because I just don't the heart to leave Samantha with other people YET.

A view of the Neues Schloss from the gazebo. Schlossplatz, Stuttgart.

Redecorating the Schlossplatz for the Christmas Market.

Another favorite hangout place is Schlossplatz in downtown Stuttgart. It's got a great view of the Neus Schloss (new castle), a wide ground for Samantha to play around and for the family to have a picknick. There are lots of shops and restaurants and cafes to choose from should we feel like shopping and eating. Every Sunday after church, we would take a walk around the area and eat our favorite crepes with nutella and banana filling. It is a very relaxing place and it also transforms into a beautiful Christmas market during the holiday seasons.

Got a favorite hang out place too? Come share it with us here in Couple's Corner!

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Mommy Liz said...

Kahihirap naman bigkasin ng mga places dyan, hahaha! I can understand why you can't leave Sam with other people. Naiiwan lang namin mga bata ke mother kasi apo nya yun, we had never left our kids with anyone but family, and only the bigger kids. Under 2 years old, lagi naming bitbit, kasi they're too young pa, baka umiyak lang. Paminsan minsan sarap ding gumala, wag lang madalas, kasi magastos.

jr041283 said...

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