Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Letter For My Valentine's Date

Today's theme for Girls Talk! is My Valentine's Date for 2010. The theme for Letters That I'll Never Send is To Someone I Love. Since my Valentine's date and the one I love is one and the same person, I might as well combine my entry for this week's theme.

A date with my handsome prince when we were still going out.

To my Dearest Hanhan,

Remember our bf-gf days? I used to write you TONS of looonnnggg love letters and send you super mushy cards. Sadly, you are not the letter-writing type of person but I do treasure the ones that you send on those rare occasions. They always make me feel special and loved. I have even kept the short note that you gave me which was written on the back of a used paper. That was my most favorite of them all! I should remember to bring them with us when we go home to the Philippines. I have kept them safe and buried in my closet and I hope they didn't throw it away just yet. And I think we should also bring with us the letters that I sent you. You did hide them somewhere, right?

I love to reminisce the good old days. You always took time then to take me out on dates like it was the most important and sensible thing to do. But things always change. Our priorities changed especially when we had Samantha. Our world seemed to revolve around her and we find it difficult to leave her with our friends. Our attempts to watch a movie together would always fail because we always find the reason to postpone it just so we won't leave Samantha with friends. But you know what? Going on a date with you AND Samantha doubles the fun and the excitement. I couldn't be any happier spending my Valentine's Day with the loves of my life: YOU and Samantha.

And I just want to say THANK YOU Hanhan for everything. You have seen me at my worst and yet loved me still. Our LOVE has been tested one too many times... It has never always been smooth and easy, yet you stuck with me till the end. You have more than enough reasons to leave yet you didn't, and for that I am thankful. I know that the more than 12 years of having known each other is what has glued us together. And I am looking forward to more blissful years ahead. I know there will be bumps ahead but I also believe that with you by my side, everything shall go well.

I know you already know but I want to say this again: I LOVE YOU.

Always yours,


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Mys said...

Yay for Kikamz! a 2 in 1 entry. Whee! I love it!

jhownie said...

It was such a touching letter an.You are so lucky for having met and married him. I just wish I was lucky as you. :(

nuts said...

you're just so sweet together with your prince. I have no date this valentine's day too. :)

btw, i just grabbed your button.. :) thanks!

Chris said...

so sweet :D

Seiko said...

Oh look at you both, you look so cute together in the photo :D...kakaiyak naman etong letter mo Mare & i agree with you things changes pag may mga kids na tayo but we can always enjoy it with them. :D More happiness to you both & God Bless!

Azumi's Mom ★ said...

omg omg omg... this is so me. I mean ganito ang gusto ko isulat kay hubby. we have the same sentiments hehe.. ako din may pinakatatago ako letter from him na sinulat nya sa tissue.. and lagi nacacancel ang movie date namin kasi di maiwan si anzu sa iba.. well things are constantly changing pero the love will never change, only gets deeper and deeper.. Sana mabasa ni HUbby mo to =)

ENjoy your vday with your lil princess

Mommy Liz said...

Ang sweet naman Mare, as in..super sweet. ay ang letter mo, napaka ganda. Kapag pinadlahan ko ng ganyang letter ang hubby ko, maluluha yun, dramtic actor din kasi yun eh.

Lam mo, kaya di rin kami lumalabas na madalas or nanonood ng sine, kasi kahit sa loob ng sinehan, we talk about our kids, kung ano ang ginagawa nila, or kung kumain na sila. So, we seldom go out. Dito lang kami sa bahya, mag order ng Chinese food at manood ng movies with the kids.

This is My Life- Valentine Date

Genefaith said...

sweet naman...pareho tayo marce mahilig magsulat but my hubby writes once in a blue moon kaya tinitreasure ko..he..he..

Kikit said...

k, dili nimo kaya ang never nako nga post pero kaya nimo ni?!!!?!!! ka-sweet ani oi. dapat basahon gyud ni ni binsoy ba! natunaw ko pagbasa. :D

riablahgs said...

happy valentine's day sis and wish your family the same.

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