Friday, February 5, 2010

Brisbane, Australia

The following Blog Review is an official entry to Kaye and Pehpot's Blogversary Contest. If you haven't encountered this blog yet, read on to find out why it's worthy of a visit.

Finally, a travel blog! I have always wanted to go places and Australia is one of them. However, traveling is such an expensive hobby that I can only do so when time and money permits. I am glad there is Brisbane, Australia, a travel blog that highlights the capital of Queensland. Browsing the pages makes me feel like I've visited the place too!

The blog layout, which is set in white background and the categories set in tabs, is very easy on the eye. The tabs feature the categories and with just a click will give you the latest information in that category. The main page features a hotel availability checker so that it is very easy to book a hotel for your planned trip there. A Navigation menu, which can be found on the sidebar, is also available that will give you further information about the city in terms of attractions, weather, restaurants, hotels, etc.

If you are a traveler and is new in the city, you would of course want to know what it is that is worth doing there. This question is readily answered in the tab Things To Do in Brisbane. Other important things like news, shopping, tours, suburbs and hotels are also readily available making it a very traveler friendly site.

So if you are planning to visit Brisbane and its nearby suburbs, this blog is a must see. Residents of Brisbane and even those who simply love to travel are invited to visit the site too. There is a wealth of information about Brisbane that can be found here so that just when you thought you already knew about it, you'd be surprised that it still has a lot more to offer.

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