Thursday, February 25, 2010

Another Letter to Sam

The sweetest smile there is!

Dearest Sam,

You must know that Mommy is tired since she had her German lessons this evening, had to commute on her way home because you were still sleeping and Daddy couldn't fetch me at the Language School, and had to do tons of other stuff in the house. I am amazed to find that you just woke up from your early evening nap when I got home at 9:30pm. I just know that it's going to be a long night for me because I couldn't force you to sleep.

I thought you are over Barney... and yet after dinner and tidying the table up, you asked me to play your Barney video while you were still watching Special Agent Oso. I can say that you have really grown so much because you can do the dances better and you can still recall what step comes next. And for that, I am very proud.

Your birthday is already in three days and I can't believe that you are turning two! Time does fly too fast... Sometimes, it passes me by with a breeze that I would wonder where the hours went. But I am very thankful and blessed to have watched you grow and witnessed your firsts, even the littlest ones. You have always been a sweet child, who knows when to console and when to charm, when to laugh and smile, and when to show off your skills and antics. And although Mommy is grumpy at times because you are so makulit and can't seem to understand the words "please wait", know that I love you to the very core of my being and I wouldn't replace you for anything else.

I wish you could talk soon so that we can sing songs together and so that you can express yourself better. I only want to understand you and your needs and wants so I hope you'll be patient with Mommy too if she can't get what you are trying to say right away. I know it frustrates you Sam and it hurts me to see you frustrated. Here is wishing that you will grow up to be a good child, an obedient daughter and be spared from serious illnesses. I love you. Daddy loves you. We know you know... And we look forward to hearing you say the words "I love you" too

I love you fiercely,

This post is an entry for Mys' Letters That I'll Never Send. Have you got a letter to a child? Then come share it with us!


Azumi's Mom ★ said...

I love this letter... letter comes from the heart. Sana mabasa ni Lil Sam ito when she grows up.. my gosh time indeed flies so fast. Malapit na sya pumasok sa pre-school, another emotional momento na naman.. I wish her a happy happy birthday.

Godluck to your German Lesson.. parang ang hirap naman yata but im sure you can.. you're not only pretty, but smarty.. just like Lil Sam.

jo.frougal said...

You cannot classify this as a letter you'll never send. You ought to send this, lol! Put it in a scrapbook for Sam to read when she learns how. This is part of her legacy from you. Preserve it and by all means send (or give) it. ;)

Valerie Calvo-Celeste said...

I love this! lovely letter depicting the unconditional love of a mother to child.

HarumaLuv said...

Great letter! I know that when your daughter reads this one day she will be happy how you expressed your love for her.

Blessings and love ~ Kirei ;)

Genefaith said...

dalaga na si Sam! I love your letter for Sam Marce, let her read one of these days...:)

Genefaith said...

ngayon na ba birthday ni Sam? Happy Birthday Sam!!! You're mom is so proud of you:)

Genefaith said...

wow marce good for you that you study German..ako ala ng time to do language study kaya hinay-hinay nalang study with my students..he..he...

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