Thursday, February 4, 2010

He's The ONE!

I am so not going to let Thursday pass without posting my GT entry for this week. So here I am, up and about in the wee hours for my post. Hihi!

Marce Anik has taken Girls Talk to the CHEESY, MUSHY level as we talk about our One True LOVE! So without further adieu, here' s my One True Love:

My Then-BF, Now-Hubby Hanhan!

I have always been drawn to men who have tantalizing, beautiful eyes and this is what first caught my attention when I first saw him. He has hazel brown eyes and I just love gazing at it. He is also tall, tisoy and of course, good-looking. Agree?

But I don't just go for the physical. What made me love him more is his inner being. He is foremost a God-fearing person and has a strong faith in God. Ask him anything that has something to do with service for the Church and he will gladly oblige, no matter what the circumstance. He is a very responsible provider and helps me decide what's best for the family. He is a very good Father and he dotes on our little one, Samantha and I just treasure seeing them in their bonding moments. Although he is not the sweet and mushy type of person, he sometimes goes out of his way just to surprise me. He seldom loses his temper and when he does, he gets guilty and always says sorry afterwards. He can never bear to see me cry and so he hates to see me cry. When he sees me crying, he hurts more. He loves to eat but not to cook. He has a big appetite and loves to eat rice so that I have to make sure that there is enough for that meal. He is passionate about his work and is good with computers. He is my Official technician when I face technical problems with my desktop. He loves to play the guitar too and would occasionally play to me. Right now, he is serious on mastering Canon in D by Johann Pachelbel. He never fails to kiss me, hug me and say "I love you". He loves me and Samantha and we are his priority.

Just what would I ever do without YOU Hanhan?

Want to learn more about the other girls' One True Love? Head on to Girls Rule! for more!


Mommy Levy said...

Hanhan is so sweet. Ang sarap naman ng kinakantahan

lolit said...

what a so sweet tribute to your hubby, they deserved it anyway,love him more and he will give back the love a hundred times more.

Mommy Liz said...

So much love din dito sa site mo ah..Hanhan ba ang name niya as in first name, or tawag mo lang like "honey" Good looking naman tlaga lahat ng mga asawa natin dito sa GT ah, hehehe..akin nga mala Adonis pa eh, wahahaha!

Dj MariƱas said...

how sweet naman ni hubby. super sweet ang mga lalaki na doesnt forget to say i love you :-)

Seiko said...

I'm happy for you Marce! You're both blessed to have each other. It always feels good to love and be loved for who and whatever we are. More happiness to you both! God Bless!

gracia said...

GOD is the source of all perfect Gift! Praise God for our partners..

Sherry Go Sharing said...

sis he is sweet, looks like he knows everything :) desktop repair is very expensive here.

I did mine at

zoan said...

han-Sweet naman ni hanhan mo :) mahirap maghanap ng mga lalaking ganyan :D

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