Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Writing Can Also Be Tough

I can breath a little bit easier now since I just finished the last batch of my experiments for my master thesis. I had a consultation with my direct supervisor before she left for Lebanon to work on a part of her PhD last week and I showed her my outline for the thesis report. I still have a long way to go on the writing part though since I only managed to write some subchapters for each chapter in my report. Looking at how many sub-chapters still need to be written, I realized that I need to write fast if I want to present my master thesis on time. I also need to make an impressive powerpoint presentation, which I will need to show to the examiners via epson projectors, and make a good job at presenting it to them.

Now comes the dilemma of presenting my data in such a way that it will not be confusing to the people reading it. Although I have a specific audience - people who are knowledgeable in wastewater treatment in general and anaerobic digestion in particular - I still want to write it in such a way that even those who don't have a background information on the subject will also be able to understand what my thesis is all about. And I need to be objective and analytical... two things that one needs when writing an effective technical paper. It has been so long since I wrote a technical paper. I have been so used to expressing my opinions through blogging that I am afraid that I won't be able to be as objective as I can be. Indeed, writing can also be tough.

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