Saturday, August 25, 2012

Spice Up Your Career with a Cisco Certification

Nothing adds value and importance to your resume like a Cisco certification. Earning a Cisco certification in several specializations is possible by taking the certification tests. Registration is done through Pearson VUE and the test must be taken at any one of their worldwide testing centers. Before taking an exam, candidates must thoroughly train, study, and prepare; this can be done in many ways. Popular options include the Cisco-certified training resources, such as classes, videos, and textbooks, as well as, an independent training program that offers a valuable practice exam, among other resources, which cover all aspects of each exam.

The exams differ in level of difficulty among fields; the exam length, type of questions, resources, and materials also differ. However, most fields include three types of certifications that can be earned. The first is the entry level exam certification, which requires knowledge of basic terms and concepts. It is required for the associate exam certification, while both are required for the professional certification and all three are required before the expert certification can be earned.

Cisco is often the vendor of choice for individuals looking to expand their knowledge for a variety of reasons. They allow participants to take any test(s) of their choosing; their structured certification program allows for minimum and maximum learning, based on the amount of time, work, and commitment an individual is willing to put forth. With this level of interactivity, participants can use Cisco to gain practical knowledge of a specialized vocation.


Ria C said...

It would be a great addition to put "Cisco Certified" in one's resume. I'm sure that having this kind of certification in your cap can mean more career movement or better job opps.

Josiah Technology said...

It gives information about importance of the Cisco certification and candidates self preparation resource. This also contains different level of exam certification details.This will help in increasing career opportunities.

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