Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Piano for my Little Girl?

My little girl doesn't know how to play the piano yet but I can tell that she is very interested in music. Her first ever piano? A small toy piano which she got as a 3rd birthday gift. When she feels like it, she would touch the piano keys and try to play a melody and sing along with it. Maybe, I can teach her some notes once she understands about the do-re-mi. Come September, she will be attending the music class at the Kindergarten.

Should she want to seriously learn to play the piano, we would of course support her so she can nurture her talent. Playing the piano would entail of course a lot of practice. I know that getting a brand-new piano, with fine quality is hard to get by so we wouldn't hesitate to settle for an old and used piano, yet that which has been restored to its original glory. 

It is not easy to find finely restored pianos so that one must be careful and make a thorough research on which company to engage with. Trustworthy dealers such as Steinways and Sons is the best place to start. They offer various services, including Steinway Piano Restoration among others. Using only genuine Steinway parts, owners are assured that their pianos are still 100% Steinway. It is also noteworthy to say that their factory in Hamburg and the Steinway Hall in Berlin also offer restoration services. Now that is something to take note of, just in case.

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