Thursday, August 23, 2012

Of Family Gatherings: Because Life is All About Celebrations

Celebrations have always been a part of life. Whether birthdays, baptisms, anniversaries, thanksgiving or congratulatory parties, we always gather around to celebrate with family and friends the milestones that we go through in life. To make the celebration more memorable and remarkable, we even put up a printed tarp, with a specially designed graphic or layout customized for the person or the celebrant.

My cousin's layout for my little girl's first birthday. The theme was Winnie Pooh and friends.
The layout I made for my daughter's tarp on the occasion of her Christening and first birthday.
I remember my cousin making a very beautiful layout for my little girl's christening and first birthday celebration. She had it printed on white poly tarp and it was quite big, it covered half of the of the wall of the party venue. I also made a design for my daughter that my cousin kindly printed as well.

When there are family gatherings, it is of course important to prepare a place where everyone can move around and socialize. Outdoor gatherings are one of my favorites because they offer a sense of openness and freedom. But in my country where the weather can be unredictable, it is important to prepare for those weather changes so that the celebration can go on, rain or shine. So what we do is put up garden tents with canvas tarps - they help keep the heat and the water away. 

Of course, there's always music and food. For what is a family gathering or any gathering without these? Of course, to keep the little ones busy, we make it a point that there are games for the little children. And prizes, giveaway items, and loot bags too! Yes, that's how we celebrate. More or less.  

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