Friday, August 10, 2012

Late Summer Blooms

Dropped by the mini-park in our neighborhood yesterday on my way home from the university yesterday evening. It was still very bright at 6:00PM and my hubby and little girl decided to go out to have some fresh air and for my little girl to have room for moving around and playing. We were meeting there at the mini-park. On the way to the playground, we saw some late summer flowers still in bloom in their bright yellow, red and purple colors I couldn't resist to take some photos. May daughter was also very excited. She always refers to flowers as sources of nectar that the bees and butterfly would "eat" for food. It's good to know that she is learning something from the Kindergarten. :)

Anyway, here are some of the shots that I took yesterday:

These yellows and purples are perfect to grow in the garden. When I get my own garden, I will surely add these to add color and life to the garden. The bees and butterflies would be very happy too.

I do think that late summer blooms are pretty... Even though their petals start to fall and they begin to wither, there is still beauty in them. Don't you think so? And yes, I managed to take a shot of one of the bees but I think I need a macro lens to give justice to the bee. :) 

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