Friday, July 22, 2011

Mommy Moments: Einkaufen

We don't really go shopping that often except for our weekly groceries, which we usually do at Kaufland or at Rewe, the grocery store downstairs. If we feel like going to Königstrasse (the largest shopping street here in Stuttgart) to buy something or to just window shop, hubby would tend to go to the electronics stores like Media Markt or Saturn while I would prefer to visit Galeria Kaufhof or Müller because it has everything in it. My little girl will, of course, tag along with me.

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We do have a common store that we like to visit: Hugendubel which is a bookstore. We love books you see and on those rare days when we go to Königstrasse just because, we would always take time to visit Hugendubel which is just beside Müller. They have a variety of books for all people of all ages. I love their selection of English books too. They have a reading lounge on the upper floors, and a children's area where kids can read books and play with interactive toys. It's a really nice place to be at and just be lost in the books that you are reading. There's even free WLAN inside, how cool is that!

But since I don't always Nikki with me, I don't have a photo of us browsing through the books. Well maybe next time, I get to bring my camera and then I can take snaps of hubby and the little girl enjoying their time at the store.

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vaneneng said...

That's nice, I also intend to put my daughter into reading when she learns to read. Visiting from MM, if you have time you can check-out my Entry Here Happy Weekend!

Rcel said...

what a neat store that is! parang living room! :)

Visit my GROCERY SHOPPING POST, too, if you got a chance! Thanks!

Tetcha said...

That looks like a really cozy place to visit! Happy MM! Here's my entry:

Stef said...

Looks cozy. A nice place for readers. Here's my share. Happy MM.

Chris said...

very nice place marce! :D

by the way, i hope you dont mind, if you have any chance lang naman, hope you can send me a postcard from there ha.. kyla would greatly appreciate it


thanks so much!

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