Friday, July 8, 2011

Mommy Moments: A Day At The Park

We love going to the park, even if it is just the small park in our neighborhood where my little girl can play. The last park that we have been to was when we went to Bamberg last month to celebrate with the Filipino community there their annual Santacruzan.

We had lunch at the nearby park. It was really nice because it was beside a river. There was a small playground where the children could play and tables and benches that we can use for eating. There were also ducks swimming in the river and the children were all delighted to feed them with bread.

The park will always be a good place to unwind, relax, have fun and bond with family and friends. Even the playground can be used by everybody, not just children. And yes, going to the park is a fun and cheap place to go to, especially on those ordinary weekends.

There are much bigger and nicer parks here in our city and it is also open and free for everyone to use. And although they are for public use, the toilets and the grounds are clean and the gardens are well taken cared of. These are just a few of my favorite things to do here in Germany: going to the park. And now that it is summer, the more we desire to bask in the sun, read a good book or go grilling at the park.

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Joy Mendiola said...

nce family bonding at the park!!

my entry:

Jellybelly said...

Looks like the whole family enjoyed your outing in the park. I wish we had more parks in Manila.

Rcel said...

Eh he he! Nakikitawa na rin ako! Si little girl kasi, ang sarp ng smile! :) Nakaka-happy talaga ang park moments, ano? We love going to the park, too! :)

Sorry I'm late for my MM visit! But it will never be late to check out mine: Us @ the KASH Playground! Thanks and I hope to see you! :)

Chris said...

parks are such great places to go too, di ba?! buti you are blessed there with nice parks! enjoy!

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