Friday, July 15, 2011

Elderly Health Care and Nursing Homes

When I was just a little girl, I have always wanted to become a nurse. The also dreamed of becoming a doctor but since my parents cannot afford to send me to medical school, it is out of the question. I always admire people who have healing hands and are using their strength and knowledge to heal and care for sick people. I am not just talking about doctors and nurses here.. I am also talking about the countless caregivers who spend most of their lives caring for the elderly people who are living in nursing homes.

I have many friends who are working in this field and I can say that they are really doing a good job at what they do. They take the time to talk with the elderly and make sure that they are comfortable. I guess this is what institutions like Denver Assisted Living offer their elderly patients and what I think should really be the norm when it comes to nursing homes for the elderly: a warm, safe, and comfortable environment where you get the best health care and assistance that you need as you go about your daily activities.

When me and my husband get older and are too weak to take care of each other, we would of course opt to settle down in a nursing home. We wouldn't want to burden our children, especially if they already have their own famillies. It is good to know that today, we have good options on where to retire when we are old gray.

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