Sunday, July 17, 2011

How Do You Tell Time?

My daughter really enjoys wearing a watch, particularly the one that contains her favorite cartoon character in it. It is digital so that it would be easier for read. It is about time that I teach her how to tell time the traditional / conventional way. I know it will be very interesting for her especially if I let her turn the small and big hands.

For now, she is content with the cheap, plastic children's watches but I know that when she is older and has her own preferences, she would ask for the more chic and fashionable designs like michael kors watch. Until that day comes, the children's watches will do.

I guess I will have to first make a clock face for her. We could write the numbers together and teach her how to distribute the numbers evenly. It would also really be interesting for her to learn that a clock has two hands, one long and one short. Then we can start with telling the time... but not in german but in english. Oh, what fun that will be!

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The Pepperrific Life said...

I have yet to teach my 5-year old how to tell time, although they did have a lesson on that in school last year.

Wow, your kid is bilingual! Go ahead and reinforce that! It'll be an invaluable asset when she grows up.

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