Sunday, April 10, 2011

Role Playing and My Three Year Old

Toddler age is one of those phases in a child's life that I find really amazing and delightful. This is because at this age, they are so imaginative, creative and can talk endlessly for hours without making any sense and still make you listen to them.

My three year old is not an exemption to the endless talking. Although she is a little late at speaking properly because of the language differences at home and at the kindergarten, she would still talk about hundreds of stuff at once and you would only catch words from it. We are trying our best to teach her our mother language and our dialect but it looks like she is more German in her manner of speaking. Of course, we are not giving up in our quest to teach her our own language so that she can also communicate with our relatives in the Philippines. German is after all an entirely different language and cannot be easily understood by Filipinos.

And while she is at it, her imaginative mind would proceed to role playing. I guess she enjoys playing out the role of her teacher at the kindergarten and she would replay at home what they did on that day, with her being the teacher. Lately, she has also been playing the role of a Mommy and I am the baby. I could just smile and giggle while I try to play my part as "baby" and would ask for all sorts of things. She, as a "mommy" would be so busy getting me "stuff" that I asked for. I really find it funny... It's like seeing a reflection of me. I guess because I am the one personally taking care of her, she knows my words, my actions and mannerisms by heart. She also likes to pretend being an animal. She likes being a cat most of the time. I just know that there'll be more role plays in the days to come and I am looking forward to all of them!

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