Friday, April 15, 2011

Diamond, My Birthstone

Diamond is the traditional birthstone for those who are born in the month of April. We all know that this precious gem has long been associated to love, eternity and strength. And because it is timeless, it will just be the perfect for your loved ones, whether they celebrate their birthdays in the month of April or not. It is most popular as wedding jewelry because it represents the undying love between husband and wife.

I am not much of a jewelry fan but when it comes to buying or receiving them, I still would prefer diamond jewelry. Have you checked out the scott kay collection lately? I just love them, especially the eternity bands! I wouldn't mind wearing one on a daily basis! Hihi!

Diamond is considered one of the hardest substances to exist and has been very useful in a lot of industrial applications. Thought to be billions of years old, reference to diamonds have been recorded as early as 400BC in Sanskrit texts. There are so many myths and legends surrounding this gem. It has been around for years and one can say that indeed, it is timeless.

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