Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Of Good and Bad News

Hello everyone! It has been a while... more than a month to be exact of not being able to blog here. But now I am back with a new domain... You may ask why it took that long but I guess it is a long story to tell. So instead of giving you a narrative, I might as well update you on what has come to pass since then.

The month of November was a busy one. It was filled with good news and some bad news.

So which should I tell first? The good or the bad? Well, I guess I'll just have to give them to you in random since I myself, don't know where to begin.

Had been busy most weekends due to my part time job teaching English at a coversation school here. Then I started a new blog for my baby Samantha called Samantha's Own so be sure to visit her site. I made one for her since I noticed that there's so much to write about her.

Then of course, there was the trip to Kansai (Kyoto, Osaka, Nara and then Gifu), which the family had been looking forward to and pushed through last November 27th. But we had to end it abruptly because Sam got sick. We never got to proceed to Osaka or Nara or Gifu. While in Kyoto, we spent most of the time in our hotel room and the hospital and then just one brief visit to the Kinkakuji Temple. It wasn't really that bad. I still enjoyed the trip because it was with the family. The road trip was worth it since I got to see beautiful autumn foliage on our way and back.

I also learned that my grandmother passed away last Thursday, November 27th and today is her burial. I mentioned in my previous post about how old and weak she was. I guess it was only a matter of time. Still, it was painful and sad because I can't be there to send her off to her final resting place. I hope Lola will understand why I can't be there. The family is praying for you La. Rest in peace.

My baby Samantha turned a month older last November 28th in Kyoto. She is now officially nine months with so much promise. The night before she turned 9 months, she managed to sit on her own. I was so happy! She was sick and all that, yet she managed to sit on her own several times. It was indeed a surprise! I caught her on video too so please watch out for the post in Samantha's Own.

I also learned of very good news from my husband. His company has decided to assign him to their Germany offices early next year. I know it will be another journey and new challenges need to be hurdled but I am excited since I can finally see Europe! It will also be an opportunity for me to seek a job that is related to my profession. I am keeping my fingers crossed about the new move.

We are coming home to the Philippines in February too! I am so happy about this because Sam can finally see her grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles from both sides of the family. All of them are also very eager to see Sam. She will be celebrating her first birthday there too. So I can't wait!

Hmmm.. so what else? I guess that's about it. Will be updating from now on. It feels good to be back blogging here.

Have a nice day everyone!

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juliana said...

oh my, you’re Germany bound. that is good, you will experience a different culture once again.

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