Monday, December 15, 2008

And My Wish Is That...

Christmas, the most awaited day of the year, is only days away. Most of us are busy preparing for the season and trying to beat that holiday rush! So, how's everything going? Have you got everything ready?

If you are feeling a little tired with your shopping, why not sit on Santa's lap for a while? He always has time for you, you know despite the tons of gifts that he has to wrap and the long list that he has to check once, twice, even thrice. I know I did - 132 pounds and all (Hey, he didn't mind my weight! :D), and got to whisper in his ear "Santa, I got a wish. I hope you grant it. I have been good the entire year..."

All Santa gave me was a Ho!-Ho!-Ho! and a deep chuckle. I swear I caught him winking to one of the elves. We did have a nice small chitchat, alright. A really NICE one that he even told me about the new CEIVA Digital Photo Frame that is just so nice that I can't help but wish to change my wish entirely! You see, it is very convenient to share photos with this photo frame. You can plug it in your computer, your digital camera or even your camera phone if you have one and display all your nice digital photos whenever and wherever. With the CEIVA Photo Frame, you are sure to remember all those memories without the hassle of opening your files and clicking on folders or flipping through photo albums.

So if you got a wish this Christmas, be sure to sit on Santa's lap and tell him all about it. I sure did! I know you all want to know what I wished for. But I'm not telling lest it won't come true. That's why it's a WISH! And be sure to upload a nice and fun photo just like I did so that Santa will be sure to remember you. Share it to all of your friends, too.

Of course, if you are living in the US and at the right age (18 years old and above), it doesn't just end with telling Santa that you got a wish. You will also get the chance to be entered into a contest where one random entry will be awarded $500 each day.

So what more can I say but Merry Christmas everyone! Enjoy every moment in Santa's lap!


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Umma said...

Hello Kikamz.. kinilig naman me about your love story my dear.. super pogi ang husband mo ha? Is he a filipino too? Just curious hehehe.

BTW, Sorry pala. I remember now that you were asking me about the code for top commentator pala.. can you send me ur email address, u can contact me when u go to my, on top there’s a contact menu.. Just click that one so u can send me email ha?

Sorry again, I totally overlooked it..

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