Thursday, September 9, 2010

Writing Essays

I remember when I was still in school. I can't recall a time when we were required to write essays on various topics and themes for our English and Filipino language classes. I remember burning the midnight just to gather up my thoughts, and create a coherent and organized essay. Sometimes, the topic is given so that it is easier to formulate the sentences. Sometimes, it is an "anything goes" type so that it becomes more difficult. I also recall having to count the number of words manually as computers were still a luxury and very expensive when I was still in grade school.

When I was in college, I enjoy writing reaction and reflection papers for my professors in Philosophy, Humanities and Theology. Writing on a more personal level has allowed me to express myself in writing what I cannot really say out loud. Then there were also thesis and research papers and even feasibility studies that needed to be done as part of the course requirements. I must admit I am not so good at technical writing and had my hands literally full with assignments and reports to make so that I was tempted to just buy coursework, and get it customized according to specific subjects to manage things correctly.

Now that I have started at the university with my Intensive German lessons and will formally start my masters program in October, I know it will only be matter of time when I will need to write a mountain of reports. I will need two years to complete my graduate program and I know that I will be needing all the dissertation help that I could get from family, friends and even professionals. Just thinking about the technical reports that I will be doing is already giving me a headache. I just hope that I won't go on a writer's block when I start writing my dissertation and thesis. I don't want to be in trouble. I often am caught in one especially when I am on the middle of writing a blog post. Because honestly, I can't afford to turn in my reports late. Good luck to me!


Vera said...

You're back in school! That is so exciting :) Goodluck and I hope you enjoy your time, apart from it being hard work too of course.

VanillaSeven said...

School is sucks :P
All the best to you!

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