Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Who are Äffle und Pferdle?

We are now on our 4th week of our Intensive German Language course. In class, each one of us is asked to make a little presentation on a certain topic and could be about one's home country, about German culture and other things of interest to the speaker. I am a bit confused on what I should be presenting to the class but I still have some time to prepare for it.

I wanted to present about Swabian Culture (Schwäbishe Kultur) but this theme is too broad and a little too complicated for my level. So I looked into the categories that fell under Swabian Culture and voila! I found Äffle und Pferdle. These two look familiar because they grace the water bottle labels of Silber Brunnen, which we buy from time to time.

So, who are Äffle und Pferdle? These are cartoon characters of the then South German Radio broadcasting (SDR), today SouthWest Radio broadcasting (SWR). They appeared as commercial bumpers in between early evening programs on commercial television. The objective of putting them on the air: to present to the televiewers a short Swabian film that will make them laugh. 

Although Swabian is a German dialect and I can't understand most of the words, I find myself entranced by this duo named  Äffle und Pferdle. And I hope that my other classmates in the class will come to like them too.

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