Saturday, September 18, 2010

With The Grandparents

I didn't know that there was a Grandparent's Day last Sunday. Perhaps it was only happening in the Philippines or in the US. But Grandparent's Day or not, my little girl was fortunate enough to spend some time to be with her grandparents, three months to be exact.

I am happy that she knows them and recognizes them, and would call them Lolo and Lola in her very Germanish accent of hers. Although she is not very close to them and would prefer that I prepare her milk or feed her, I am glad that her grandparents were able to see what she is like, came to know her and be able to take care of her too. This Sunday, they will be flying back to the Philippines and I know that things will be different. I know that Samantha will come looking for them, calling out their names and check out the room where they sleep.

I hope that Samantha will also get to know her grandparents on my side of the family. That way, she will also have a memory of them and will not be so shy and reserved when we visit them in the Philippines in the future.

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JonaBQ said...

it's good that they got to be with their apo and your girl with her lolo and lola even for a time :D

my MM this week

kimmy said...

your kid is indeed lucky to have such wonderful moments with her grandparents. not all children are as lucky as she is..

Chris said...

my kids were not close to their grandparents when they were small but now they are able to chat with them and even stay with them na..

fedhz said...

wow ganda ng view, marce. uu nga. iba talaga pag grandparents no? wala pa akong post for this meme. waah!

hanap ka na ni tony. hehe

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