Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Mom's Balancing Act

Setting foot on the university grounds took me to an entirely different world. There's an atmosphere of seriousness and people look very diffferent. They all looked like they have a goal in mind and they would do their best to reach the pinnacle of success. For someone like me who has contented herself with staying at home and taking care of her family, he/she would indeed be intimidated. There are times when I would doubt my decision and plans. I even thought of backing out because I had to let go of a lot of things just to get myself to the university. But as they say, "no guts no glory" and "no pain, no gain".

I know I had to make a balancing act between taking care of my husband and my little girl and teaching her good values when we are at home and also be an effective student when I am at the university. It will not be easy but I know with my family's support, I'll make it. I just hope that I'd meet good friends who will help me come up with communication thesis topics. I must admit my skills at technical writing have become rusty so that it will take some time and some practice in order for me to come up with a decent analytical thesis. Writing a biology thesis would even be worse. It's a good thing though that I wouldn't have to dwell on these topics as my graduate program is related to environmental management. I know I'll have to study hard, listen well and have lots of practice when it comes to writing technical stuff so that it won't be difficult to write and complete my master thesis three semesters from now.

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