Saturday, September 18, 2010

GT: Green Is In

I think Marce Kaye should move the Girls Talk meme on a Saturday. Why? That way, I wouldn't end up always late for the meme. Hihi! Or you could just officially call me Ms. Tardy. Lol! What do you girls think?

Anyway, this week, it's all about the color GREEN. Being a wanderlust, I am drawn to places that are green. Even if we are visiting a city, we see to it that we get to visit gardens and get to breath fresh air. We prefer to drive than fly or take the trains on long distance trips because we love the view of the countryside with its forest cover, emerald colored lakes, endless green fields and vineyards, and snow-peaked mountains.

I love the color green. Surprisingly though, I don't have so many green stuff except maybe for the tunic sleeveless blouse and knitted bolero jacket that is just too comfy to wear. I should keep in mind to choose green colored shirts because Hubby thinks that green is my color too.

I also enjoy drinking chilled Beck's beer with my hubby here at the comfort of our home. I especially love the Green Lemon and Chilled Orange variants because they are not so strong at only 2.5% Alcohol and are sweet-tasting.

Girls Talk


Earth said...

the first picture is simply AWESOME. wish i could see it someday, lol! and the last picture makes me... THIRSTY? lol! nice post..

K said...

Germany has sooo many beautiful scenery! i wish i could go live there. like now na. haha!

sus e ano naman kung late? kung ganito naman kagaganda ang pictures? ^^

enge ng beer! nauhaw ako jan a. hihi

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