Thursday, March 4, 2010

This One's Definitely For Me!

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I have always wanted to lose weight ever since I had my baby. But because of lack of motivation to do it and the lack of the proper tools, I never got around to losing a few pounds, let alone a kilo. I did try to lose weight. I started some cardio workout, bought myself a hula-hoop, even tried to reduce my rice intake. All to no avail because I could never get myself to continue. I have been itching to hit the gym but alas, I don't own my time. I wanted to go on a diet too but I just can't decide which diet plan works for me. I don't want to crash diet either as I know it could be dangerous to my health. I know that I have to one day get my act together and stay fit, especially now that I get tired easily and have lesser physical activities. I need help and fast.

The Internet is bombarded with so much information on how to stay fit and live a healthy lifestyle, with lots of diet options, and health and wellness programs too. But with so many choices available that it is just too overwhelming, deciding on one that is feasible is seemingly impossible. Good thing there is now a one-stop site that provides everything I need to know on how to live healthy and eat right: What is beautiful with this site is that it covers everything: from losing weight and eating right, to getting fit and staying in balance, to coupons and healthy recipes, and of course helpful videos. The articles and tips suggest that staying fit should not be seen as a task but rather as something that should be enjoyed so that one always looks forward to it. There are also inspiring blog entries over at the blog section that would surely help you to be more determined in your resolve to shed off those extra pounds.

There is also an ongoing promotion at If you want to take a chance at winning coupons for a year-long supply of Jennie-O Turkey Store product and a one-year gym membership, valued at $1,250, then I encourage you to sign up and enter the Twitter contest.

Here's a sample of what you should tweet: “Enter to win $ towards a gym membership & JENNIE-O turkey products. Just follow @wellness_daily & RT this."

Easy peasy noh? The Twitter promotion runs from 24th February until 10th March so hurry for a chance to win these fabulous prizes.

I'd better get myself moving... Summer will soon make it's way and I want to look good and feel good wearing a summer dress. I have a feeling that I will soon look like my old self... Keeping my fingers crossed., join me on my journey to slim.

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Chris said...

let us take this journey to wellness together! i just posted a similar post last night hehehhe

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