Thursday, March 4, 2010

It's Not Always About Me...

The following Blog Review is an official entry to Kaye and Pehpot's Blogversary Contest. If you haven't encountered this blog yet, read on to find out why it's worthy of a visit.

When you blog, what do you blog about? Do you blog about personal stuff? Do you blog about how to make money online? Is you blog aimed at giving parenting tips? Do you blog to showcase your photos? Do you blog about products for the home and garden? Or do you blog on just about anything under the sun? Whatever it is you blog about, chances are you have in one way of another blogged about yourself.

I have come across lots of personal blogs. Among them is It's Not Always About Me... which I first encountered through Adgitize. I find the badge or button attractive so that I just click on the ad each time I encounter it. The site only takes a few seconds to load so that one doesn't get tired of waiting and one is welcomed with a pink background with the header that says: It's Not Always About Me, but most of the time it is. Quite catchy eh?

The author hides by the name Yuuki.. which is Japanese for "snow" and judging from the pen name, I can say that the author loves Japanese stuff like manga and anime. One can find lots of quotes in this blog. And lots of personal stories about the author's daily comings and goings. While browsing, I found out the author is an expat in Dubai, loves to watch TV series and Korean drama, loves to shop (who doesn't), and loves to spend her free time surfing the internet. I enjoy reading her entries because she writes very spontaneously.

If you are up for a "how was your day?" read, this blog is it. I just wish the Labels/Categories widget is available at the sidebars so that I can browse easier.

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