Friday, March 5, 2010

MM: First Aid

Today's theme for Mommy Moments is First Aid. As a first time mom, I always get panicky whenever I feel that something is wrong with my baby. And knowing babies and toddlers, you never know when illness will fall on them so that it is better to be prepared at home.

I always have the following handy with me, whether we are at home or on the road : thermometer to monitor her temperature when she gets sick, manzanilla and wind salbe for gas relief and tummy aches, alcohol to sanitize just about anything, ibuprofen and paracetamol for babies, babix babybalsam to help relieve congestion (almost like Vicks), bepanthen cream to help prevent drying of nose especially when she has colds, and saline nasal spray for the nasal congestion among others.

I always have these items handy because I never can tell when Samantha will get sick. It's always better to be prepared than sorry. I have childproofed the house as much as possible but because she is now very mobile, I never know when she will get hurt. She always bumps her head on the wall especially when she is playing on our bed and because I still don't have a cold pack, what I do is just put vicks on the area to prevent swelling. But cold packs are better so that I should get one.

I know that soon I will have to update my first aid kit to include povidone-iodine for cuts and wounds, rubber bag for hot compress, and more. As Samantha grows bigger, I know that she will be more curious and more adventurous so that I should be more prepared than ever.

How about you Mommy? Do you also have a first aid kit at home? Got any first aid tip? Come share it with us!

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Mys said...

Vicks is also great for mosquito bites. It makes the swelling go down. Plus, leaves no marks on the baby's skin.

jo.attalife said...

Manzanilla -- you have that there? My mother-in-law used to coat her babies all over with manzanilla before it got dark, to ward of colic. She was really shocked when I didn't use it (I couldn't stand the smell). My boys didn't have that problem. But until now my husband is butdanon. LOL!!!

Chris said...

mommies need to be prepared... thanks for joining us and keep commenting.. you are almost at the top of the blogging contest!! :D

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