Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Is Finally Here!

Being an expat here in Germany has allowed me to experience and witness the changing of the seasons. I basked in the hot summer sun, delighted in the golden hues of autumn, got chilled to the bone in winter and is now amazed as the earth springs to life!

We will be enjoying a temperature range of 11-20° this week with warm sunshine and a few rainshowers. Tulips and other blooms are already springing forth from the ground, giving the green fields a splash of color here and there.

Here's some photos from our neighborhood that I took, a sure sign that winter is history and spring is finally here!

I just love looking at the tiny blooms that has sprouted here and there. They surely add more life. Add the singing of the birds and everything seems so cheery and bright. What I love about spring? When we were still in Japan, we look forward to the sakuras. Here in Germany, we look forward to crocuses and tulips and chamomiles blooming, Easter celebration, and Spring Festivals.

Easter is coming soon and we are going on a roadtrip for the holidays... We will be off to see the beautiful tulips in the land of tulips itself, Holland! I am so excited! I'd better start doing my research now...

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