Friday, October 23, 2020

Essential Guitar Equipment for Beginners

Even though it’s been around for four centuries, the guitar is one of the most modern and fun instruments to play in the 21st century. For beginners of all ages, it’s important to have a few crucial pieces of equipment to learn and play. Luckily, these can be procured on almost any budget.

A Dependable Guitar
Obviously, the guitar is the cornerstone of your gear. Whether you’re asking “Where can I find high-end guitars online,” or looking for a bargain on a budget, the reality is this: you won’t be happy with a cheap, poorly constructed guitar. The difference in quality between even a $90 and $350 model is massive, and of course, you can always scale up from there.
Picks, Strings, and a Strap
Whatever style of guitar you’re planning to play, it’s good to learn how to finger-pick and strum with a guitar pick. Guitar picks are usually made of plastic, and while they come in different thicknesses, they are very affordable: well under a dollar apiece and available in boxes. You should also have an extra set of strings on hand. Even though it won’t be one of the first things you learn, being able to restring a guitar is an essential skill. You could easily break a string while practicing, so it’s good practice to have a backup set.

A Solid Amplifier
Whether you’re playing electric or acoustic guitar, if you’re ever planning on performing live outside of your basement, you’ll need an amplifier. You don’t want to skimp on this either, but the size (and cost) will depend greatly on the sort of venue you plan on playing in.

Good Cables
Finally, it’s important to realize that most issues with amplified sound come from faulty or old ¼” cables. Spend a few extra bucks on good ones and replace them often.

These essential tools will set you up for success as you begin your guitar journey.

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