Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Budget DIY: Decorating the Guest Toilet

If you love having friends over at home, chances are they would be frequenting the toilet. With that in mind, the guest toilet must also be a pleasant place to be in. Yes, guest toilets are often small, like a coat closet, but it doesn't mean that it should be taken forgranted as it will be one of the rooms that your guests will most likely first enter when they arrive especially on cold winter days. So it goes without saying that the guest toilet should also be a comfortable place to be for your guests.

Our guest toilet is also rather small, with a stand WC and a small sink to wash your hands. To make it a little bit more presentable, I placed a wall shelf on top of the WC where toilet supplies like toilet paper and hand towels are just within reach when you run out of it. I also added some greens to give it a bit of color and life. Because it has a small window, you get natural light during the day. There is also a mirror and light fixture above the sink so guests can have a look if their face needs some touching up. :)

The walls are painted white, and the ceiling is of wood planks in white color. The floor is tiled with a light beige color. There are lots of ideas of my mind (and on Pinterest!) on how I envisioned the guest toilet to be like. But for now, this simple and minimal decoration will have to do. What do you think?

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