Thursday, October 29, 2020

A Piece of Autumn

The days till Christmas are numbered. The year 2020 seems to pass us by so uneventfully fast with the highlight being the Corona virus pandemic. Despite this, our lives must go on. The sun still continues to shine and the seasons still change. We may not notice it that much but autumn this year is very beautiful. I have never seen such golden yellow trees while driving along the tree-lined streets of Mönchfeld. I am even tempted to stop and take a photo but doing this is not allowed and will put my life and the lives of the other motorists in jeopardy. We don't really go out that much you see, we try to stay at home as much as we can and we only go out when needed: do groceries, go to the doctor for an appointment, buy medicine at the pharmacy. We try to decline invitations to meet unless really necessary. 

Good thing there is a piece of autumn in our home. There is this japanese maple tree in front of our house and it has really turned into beautiful hues of orange, ocre, and red. When I look out my kitchen window, I can also see its splendid colors. The last few days was rainy and windy so the leaves have already fallen to the ground. Good thing I was able to capture a few shots before it became bare.

Ain't she a beauty? Even on a cold, gloomy and foggy morning, its fiery color stands out, a beautiful reminder to all of us that even on the gloomiest of days, there will always be something beautiful that comes out of it. Hopefully next fall, our tree will be as vibrant as this year's or even better.

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