Thursday, July 30, 2020

What To Pack In Your Hospital Bag

Pregnant and now on your third trimester? Now is the time to slowly prepare for the big day. It is important to prepare your hospital bag before your contractions start so that you have everything that you would need already packed and ready in the car. It would be very inconvenient if you forgot important documents at home. / grinvalds
So what do you need to pack? Here are some things that you will definitely need in your hospital bag:

For childbirth, you should pack the following:
- Mother's passbook and health insurance card: this is important as it contains all the important data about your pregnancy, the tests and screenings done on you and the baby, as well as the results, and of course it records your routine checks with your gynecologist / midwife.
- your birth plan if there is any
- Marriage certificate or your and the father's birth certificate if you are unmarried
- 2 long comfortable night shirts / summer dress with buttons up front
- comfortable pants
- slip on shoes and warm socks
- lip balm
- massage oil
- things that will help you relax like books, music, etc.
- personal care and hygiene products
- camera / music player, headphone and charger

For your hospital stay after childbirth:
- documents for the registration of baby's birth
- night shirts / dresses with front opening for breastfeeding
- bathrobe
- comfortable clothing
- nursing pads
- underwear
- absorbent sanitary pads (no tampons!)
- nursing bra
- personal care items, towels
- smartphone with charger
- some money for the vending machine
- necessary medication if you are taking them

For your partner: Your partner or husband also needs to pack for his provisions especially if it is going to be a long night. He should also pack a set of clothes to change into, comfortable ones since it is going to be warm in the delivery room. Food and refreshments should come in handy. You can also inquire at the hospital or clinic where you can buy provisions.

For your baby: You should also pack separately for your baby. Hospitals will not allow you to leave with the baby if you don't have baby seat in the car so be sure to have one when the baby is ready to home. You will also need:
- diapers
- baby clothes, a strampler is perfect
- baby socks or shoes, baby cap and mittens
- a light or a warm jacket depending on the weather / season
- cotton cloths / blanket

These should be ready at least 4 weeks before your due date because you never know when your baby will come. Surprises will always come along the way even if both you and the baby are all healthy and your pregnancy is also going in the right track. This way, you will not forget anything and will not panic when the time comes.

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