Sunday, July 12, 2020

How to Choose a Bible Study

Bible studies encourage you to explore God’s Word and apply it to your life. Before you choose your Bible study resource, choose a lesson that is from a reputable author, meets your level of spiritual maturity and available time and applies to your life.

You may search through studies offered by authors you admire or that are recommended. However, check any Bible study author’s credentials and doctrine or beliefs. Spend more time in God’s word than the study author’s words.

You may also choose to study a specific book of the Bible based on its author.

Available Study Time
Determine how much time you can set aside each week to study your Bible, and choose a study that meets these time requirements. For example, you may choose a study that requires 10 minutes per day or 1 or more hours 1 day per week depending on your weekly schedule.

Spiritual Maturity
If you are a new Christian, you may choose lessons on how to study the Bible. However, if you have some biblical knowledge and understand the stories of the Bible, you may choose to dig deeper into specific topics, such as effective prayer, prophesy or expanding your faith.

If you have a general question about Christianity, God or something you heard preached, this question may also be a good place to start.

Application to Your Life
Do you have a current need in your life that you want to address or future expectations that you want to prepare for? For example, are you planning to get married and want more information about effective Christian marriages, or are you preparing for children and want to learn godly parenting skills?

Every Bible study should be immediately applicable to your life and cause your faith to grow. However, a topic you are passionate about will encourage you to complete the study.

You may choose a Bible study because you admire a specific author. Your available time and spiritual maturity may also dictate the study you choose. Finally, you may choose a study that applies to a chosen part of your life.

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