Sunday, February 26, 2012

Triple Fret

Let me introduce to you a friend and classmate of mine in high school. Her name is Jenny de Vera. She is cool, she is talented, she is very gifted when it comes to music. Back in our high school days, she can already play the guitar very well, playing popular songs even without a guide. I guess the term to use is "kapa", which means the ability to play the same tune just by listening to it. I was more impressed with her ability with the guitar now that she has become a professional classical guitarist. I haven't seen her perform live yet but from her videos on the internet, I can say that she has really matured and perfected the art of classical guitar.

Jenny and her guitar. From Jenny's Facebook Timeline cover page. 
She recently performed at the Pasinaya 2012 at the  CCP Little Theater with her group, Triple Fret, a trio guitar ensemble. I am happy to learn that their performance was a success.

Triple Fret. I love the name... It has a certain ring to it. What is it? From their Facebook About Page: "Triple Fret is an all girl classical guitar trio composed of Catherine Belle, Marga Abejo and Jenny de Vera. The group was formed in October 2011. They play classical guitar trio pieces as well as solo classical guitar pieces that are dynamic in genre and time period."

I would love to come to one of her solo or band performances if the opportunity comes. My husband, who is also a classical guitar enthusiast, would surely enjoy their performance too. Maybe she can give him lessons too... Pde bang at reduced fees ang lessons Jen?

For those who love and appreciate classical guitar, you might want to watch Triple Fret or Jenny perform live. Watch out for their future performances via their Facebook Page at or send them an email at for bookings and more info.

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