Sunday, February 19, 2012

My Little Ballerina Wannabe

My little girl really enjoys dancing... She loves ballet the most and would tiptoe and turn and pirouette whenever she gets the chance. She hasn't taken any formal ballet lessons yet but I can see that she is graceful and has the potential. She learned the moves while watching the cartoon series, Angelina Ballerina, a fifteen-minute cartoon series about a feisty, little mouseling who dreams of becoming a famous prima ballerina someday.

When they had their dance presentation for this year's Sinulog Festival in Rottenburg, she freely danced her own ballet steps to the tune of Mamang Sorbetero. I really thought it was very entertaining.... That or I am one big PROUD STAGE MAMA. Lol!

Below is the video I took while they were performing. She is the one wearing a gray tutu and white long-sleeved shirt. I apologize for the shaky and not so clear video.

Since she is almost four, she can actually start going to ballet school. All I need to do is look for a ballet school that offers courses for kids her age. I know there is a handful of ballet schools here in Stuttgart, since Stuttgart is also the home of the world-famous Stuttgart Ballet and I believe there are many young children who also wish to dance like them.

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