Friday, February 17, 2012

Liven Up Your Living Room With Wall Tattoos

I will always love the color white... When it comes to choosing an apartment, one of the first things that I consider is the color of the walls. If it is white, then the probability that we will take it is higher. But sometimes, it can be boring to just have white walls, especially when you don't have any paintings or huge prints that you can hang on it. Since we are only renting, it also makes it difficult for us to just bore a hole and hang whenever and however we please.

I invited some friends last over to our house for a small gathering. We took some photos and when I checked the photos, I noticed that the walls were sooo bare! I planned on buying framed paintings at the art gallery or large prints at home stores but they are just too expensive (or maybe I am just a cheapskate! ;D). Anothe option for me is to paint myself but I just don't have the time just yet...


Then came wall tattoos or decorative stickers. Here in Germany, they are called "Wandtattoos", "Wandtapeten" or "Wandstickers"... They don't just add color to your room, they also bring to it personality and the much needed homey atmosphere and ambience. If you have bare white walls, the possibilities are just endless. Maybe I will venture into wall tattoos one of these days. When I find the time...

The search for wall tattoos will soon begin...

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