Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mommy Moments: So Little

Last Friday's theme for Mommy Moments is So Little. I know I am late again for my entry but I am posting this one anyway. My little daughter loves to play with little things. She always enjoys opening her Kinder Ɯberraschung (Kinder Surprise), a hollow egg-shaped milk chocolate that contains a small surprise toy inside. She would ask me to buy her one each time we go to the grocery store and since it is the only thing that she asks for, I would always relent. 

Below is a photo of her collection. See the yellow container beside Shrek? That's where the surprise toy is placed.  We were able to collect much more than what is here but since they are so little, they easily get misplaced, lost or hidden under bigger things like stuffed toys, floor rugs and bookshelves.

And here's my daughter exploring nature and tinkling with small things. In the first photo, she was holding a very small flower that she intends to give to her Daddy. In the second, she was picking tiny wildflowers for her Lolo and Lola. Ain't she a sweetie?

mommy moments


zoan said...

every little kid in town has her own story about their toys and how they play with it :) tsaka sweet nya to get flowers for her grandparents :)

Chris said...

sam is growing up to be very sweet :D happy mommy moments!

Charlotte's Mom said...

sooo cute naman Happy MM

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