Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Vacuum and Anti-Slip

Remember about me blogging about one of our very great buys for the house just before the year 2010 ended? The floor carpet may seem familiar to you because I once posted it in this blog last month.

I am happy with this one because it has kept our feet warm when we lounge in the living room on our lazy days, which is most of the time. Lol! There's a few problems though. One is that it would move every now and then and I will have to set it right every now and then too, which can be a little tasking for me. I wish I could find something that works like a non slip, something that I can place in between the carpet and the floor to keep it from slipping.

Another problem is that because the carpet's material is made of natural fibers and has some wool in it, some loose tiny fibers that look like accumulated cobwebs would appear, making it very unsightly. And I would manually take them away one by one until I have covered the area. This is more tasking for me, which makes me wish I had a vacuum cleaner so that I will only need to suck the dust and loose fibers out. And that would then equate to less lower backaches for me!


Soulful said...

reduces the hassle, right?

JonaBQ said...

got an award/tag for you Kikamz! :D
Stylish Blogger Award

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