Monday, January 24, 2011

Baby Nichole's Baptism

The newest addition to the family was baptized yesterday. Her name is Marianna Nichole and she is my niece. I am very happy that she is now baptized into the bigger Roman Catholic family. I just learned of her baptism yesterday, thanks to my sister who left me a message on Facebook and to my Mama who left me an SMS via Chikka Messenger. The power of the internet does bring people together. I got to chat with my cousins, my sister and my Mom for a while. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to see them because they didn't have a webcam. But the photos I saw from Facebook today were more than enough!

I missed another family event and I know that I will be missing so much more. I just hope that my little niece will still remember me even though we live far away. I am sure Samantha will love to get to know her. Hopefully, when we finally get to visit the Philippines, Nichole will get to know her cousin from Germany.

My simple wish to my little niece?  

"I wish that God will bless you with His love and guidance and that may you grow to be a good Christian. May your parents guide you in your journey and may you always be a healthy child. Know that even though we are far away, you are always in our prayers. God bless you always, oh sweet little one!"


Mommy Liz said...

Wow! you got a new addition to the family. Ang cute nya ha Marce.. ikaw din, sundan na si Sam :)

Amartya | A Note said...

congratulations! your baby is so cute.

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