Thursday, January 13, 2011

Smart Phones

Hubby and I have been discussing about whether or not we should upgrade our phones to the better and smarter phones that are available on the market. The features and applications are just so attractive to just ignore them. I for one find smart phones quite useful especially that I don't have a laptop with me and I am always away from my computer due to my classes at the university. I can always check on my emails and online tasks and reserve for opps even though I am away from my desktop and that would be great.

An opportunity to own not only one but two smart phones almost similar to the htc desire for FREE came but unfortunately, it didn't materialize. Maybe because of the miscommunication between me and the call center operator when I called on the toll-free number to order it or simply because it just wasn't meant for us.

But it doesn't matter. With my current mobile, I can still get in touch with my husband and that is what is more important. I know one of these days, I will get my own. Perhaps someone will give it to me as a birthday present?

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