Monday, January 3, 2011

The Problem With Winter Is...

If you don't have a clothes dryer like me, drying your clothes can really be a daunting task. You are in trouble if they don't dry fast because your clothes will get that musty smell, no matter how well it was rinsed or fabric conditioned, whether you like or not. And if you dry them inside the house, the walls would moisten up and the molds begin to grow. That causes an even bigger problem! The room could also get so very dry if you forget to turn the heater down especially at night so that you find it difficult to breath. Ugh!

So what to do? There is just one thing needed. We sure could use a basement dehumidifier or just a plain dehumidifier to keep the room conditions just right: not too dry and not too wet. I don't think they would cost too much electricity compared to clothes dryers, plus they are healthy too because they prevent the growth of molds and mildews, eliminate smells and helps ventilate a room through regular air circulation.

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