Thursday, January 20, 2011

On Growing Old and Watching E!

Ever since my husband updated our television's entertainment package, we now have an additional number of channels that shows lots of English programs. There's Disney channels, I think around five channels in total, cartoon network, tnt series, music television channels, national geographic and discovery, fashion channels, and entertainment channel.

Since we are not so updated on Hollywood stuff, we would channel surf and sometimes land on E! Unconsciously, we began to like some of the regular shows in this channel. I know it is mostly gossip but the specials are really nice. Last night, they featured Gwyneth Paltrow but since I went to bed early, it was only the husband who got to see it. I also remember chanching upon an episode of Dr. 90210 and how people subject themselves under the knife just to look and feel better about themselves. There was one procedure done to remove excess body fat and stretched skin and I thought it was a really painful one. I cringed while watching that episode. It's good to know that should I want to remove forehead wrinkles when I am older, I would not need to go through such trouble and subject myself to a surgery because there are lots of available treatment options that come in the bottle. 

The fountain of youth is everyone's quest these days. Why else would  we go through the trouble of taking of our skin and buying lots of skin care products if not for this quest alone? All of us want to look younger and have beautiful skin because it makes us feel more confident about ourselves. The question is, how far would you go?

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