Thursday, January 20, 2011

An Award and 7 Things About Me

I have to say, I missed receiving tags. Luckily, somebody remembered to tag me today and because I missed the fun of tagging others and giving some link love, I am playing along and responding right now.

But before I forget, let me thank Jona of Heartifying for sending this tag my way and for the Stylish Blogger Award. I don't know why she thought me deserving of this award, but the thought alone is very much appreciated.

Like any other tag and award, there are rules so that it will be passed on to others and will in turn, create link love. It's simple though:

1. Link back and thank the person who gave you this award. (check!)

2. Then share 7 things about yourself.

1. I am obsessive-compulsive.
2. I am easily distracted by the Internet.
3. I love to cook but I am sometimes too lazy to cook.
4. I usually like to keep to myself.
5. I love coffee. I always drink at least one cup.
6. I truly adore my little girl although I am trying my best not to give in to what she wants.
7. I always find it hard to say NO, especially to my loved ones.

3. Award 15 great bloggers that you know.

Since I haven't been very active in the blogging world lately, I might not reach the required 15. 

First, I would like to tag the Couchers who have been with me every Tuesday for my movie meme, Tuesday Couch Potatoes:

Shydub of Worth's World
Bonz of Pink Clash

And to old friends reconnected and new friends met along the way:
Phoebe of Pinay Mama
Alice Law of My Little Sprouts


Arianne The Bookworm said...

oh, thanks for this, i appreciate it a lot :)

JonaBQ said...

i know you miss playing along too :D thanks for posting!

Rechie said...

Hello Kikamz, thank you so much for sharing this award to me. This is unexpected. I do appreciate the thought. Thanks a bunch.

genny said...

hi, you've been appreciated too. thanks!

Mommy Liz said...

Thanks for the tag, ni tag din kita dito ah, hahaha!

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