Saturday, January 29, 2011

GT: Final Resolutions

So it's the last week of January and the last Thursday is past. What am I doing here on GT then? To be honest, I haven't really done much thinking on what I want to resolve this 2011 so that it would be futile to join this week but here I am anyway. No matter how late the post is, I know Marce Kaye anticipates my entry and because I love her so much, I just have to write something.

So, what's in it for me for 2011? I guess I have to be more enthusiastic about life and more patient because that is what I have been lacking in 2010. There have been lots of changes in my daily routine since last year and although it has been a few months already, I still haven't adjusted to a lot of things. My indicators?

1. I am still late for my first lectures of the day most of the time.
2. I complete / write my tasks on the due date.
3. I am still late in posting my meme entries.
4. I snap almost every single day.
5. I haven't visited the fitness studio since time immemorial.

To add up to being more enthusiastic and more patient, I guess I should also try to resolve to work on items 1-5. I know they are doable... I just need to pay more attention and manage my time well. It's high time I set my priorities. It's almost February and I have the remaining eleven months to make this year a good one, not only for me but for my family.

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kim said...

wow! you really have a lot of issues to resolve.... good luck on that, girl!

peppermayo said...

yeah, doable naman... sometimes all you need is a fresh start, a new inspiration... good luck to us this 2011! happy GT! ;p

Travel-Junkie said...

I hope you are able to manage your time more properly soon!

Good luck!

K said...

naku buti hindi ka napapagalitan ng lecturer mo. hihi. e inaasikaso mo pa ata ung 2 babies mo (hubs and sam. hehe) before ka pumasok e. me valid excuse ka naman.

tama. inaantay ko lagi entry mo kaya bawal ka umabsent :P

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